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I bought an import car from them and it was by far the most disappointing car buying experience I have had. They offered a 30 day 1000 mile warranty on the power train/transmission and stated that the car had a complete inspection. They sold the car as if it were in mint condition with no worries to have. I had my own financing and the deal was done in a total of two hours.

Although they brag about their service department and the warranty they offer it was not until the car had $2100 worth of problems over the first three weeks that they disclosed they DO NOT fully "inspect" the car! From what they said, it sounded like they just drove it around and since it drove fine they gambled it would drive good enough to outlast the warranty before it broke down.

They said that because it was a German import, it required special equipment to fully inspect it which they did not have. Not only did they not have the equipment to inspect it, but their department could not fix anything that went wrong with the transmission or engine if something were to go wrong.

In closing, it was ultimately my responsibility to get an independent inspection and not simply go by what the dealer said and the warranty they offered. I have purchased 7 cars over my lifetime and they were pretty honest deals. The dealer and/or seller told me upfront what the problems were and so on ...

Nonetheless, I can see now why people order stringent independent inspections, are skeptical of used car dealers and don't pay a penny more than the TMV (which by the way, I paid higher than the TMV). If you shop at the used car superstore in Lisle, go in trusting your own mechanic and gut. If you feel awkward with any part of the deal just walk away and remember you have three days to change your mind after the deal is made.

Review about: Bmw 330I.

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